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The most important job in your business — bar none


And the second most important job?

Monitor your backup software and test that you can restore your data.

Our technology business HP Technology was recently called up to help a London business whose main server wouldn’t start. It soon became clear that a hard drive had failed and worse still there was no backup. Nobody had taken responsibility for this.

We were able to help using some seriously techie stuff to get most of their files back but some of their recent work and emails were lost for ever.

There is strong evidence that a very high proportion of SME businesses go out of business following a significant computer failure where the backups are inadequate.

My advice:

  1. Make certain that somebody at you business is responsible for backups – at Hobbs Parker it’s me – do this today.
  2. Backup to more than one place, one of which must be offsite – we use 2 different backup systems as an extra safeguard.
  3. Monitor your backup software and test it – our backup software sends us an email every day telling us if it’s worked. I’ve added rules to Outlook to turn any failures red so I can’t miss them.

When considering the infrastructure for new businesses The Cloud offers help here in that the services provided by Google DriveWindows Azure and Amazon AWS all feature enterprise level security, redundancy and automatic backup options. We have confidently entrusted much of fabmin.com to these services.

Roger LightfootThe most important job in your business — bar none