For busy office managers

Managing staff holidays and sickness is hassle

It takes up too much of your valuable time — you can change this now

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30 day free trial -- no credit card needed

Fabmin is perfect for businesses with 5 to 150+ staff

You don’t want complex or expensive HR software. But you are fed up with the hassle of paper holiday forms and your chaotic wall planner or nightmare spreadsheet.

It takes up far too much of your time. You just need something simple that gets the job done

So you and your staff can see who is off when. And so making and approving holidays requests is really quick and everything gets recorded accurately.

Fabmin will save you hours and hours — and your staff will enjoy using it too.

Jackie Woodgate, The JCB Group

So nice not to have all the paperwork flying about!

Debbie Brown Ivy Court Surgery

Imagine how much easier your life will be

Imagine never having to file another holiday form.

You can ditch that fiddly spreadsheet or tear down the chaotic wall planner.

You’ll never have to answer that question again “How many days holiday have I got left?”.

No more holiday clashes — staff can see for themselves if there is enough cover in their team before they ask for time off.

And no calling reception to see if a meeting room is free.

Now you can manage staff leave the modern way

View a selection of real screenshots of Fabmin in use

Requesting and approving holidays is fast — really fast

Step 1

Time off is requested using a simple form

It’s quick — we timed it — 32 seconds!

Works from anywhere — on mobiles and tablets too.

Step 2

An email lets the manager know that time off has been requested

The planner makes it easy to see who else may be off at the same time

Approve the request with a single click

All in less than 2 minutes.

Everything is recorded accurately and because everybody can see who is already off there a far fewer holiday clashes

And less hassle for you.

How much time you could save?

Fabmin is flexible

The difference between Fabmin and other systems is that our sole purpose (mission even) is to help you get the job done with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Fabmin is simpler than full HR Systems but sufficiently flexible to cope with the needs of your business.

  • Work in hours or days
  • Manage holidays, sickness, training days, time of in lieu.
  • Group your people into departments, locations and project teams – people can be members of more than one group too.
  • Integrate with Outlook, iOS and Google Calendar.
Jackie Woodgate, The JCB Group

Hi Ben, I set Fabmin up for everyone yesterday afternoon and it was actually really easy. I don’t know what I was worrying about!

Lynda Hyder Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Two valuable extras for you

1 – A combined staff and shared contacts directory

At our office we record our Director’s mobile numbers, contact details for the guy that looks after our alarm system and our office supplies company. You know the sort of stuff that you can never find when you need it most.

2 – A dead simple system for booking shared resources

That’s meeting rooms, projectors, pool cars and so on – saves another job

This valuable new free feature is available upon request by email.

Manifest London were using a more complex system before moving to Fabmin

It sounds good, but is this going to be complicated?

We appreciate that changing the way things are done sometimes seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

But no, you don’t need to train anyone how to use Fabmin. They will get it as soon as they make their first holiday request.

We thought that email would never take off, that computers would never replace the typewriter and that mobile phones were never going to work. Don’t even get me started on the mangle and washing machine!

How wrong we were!

So,goodbye wall planner and blue tack stained walls. Let’s embrace the future.

Now that Fabmin is available to you, changing to Fabmin makes sense. It is simply a better, more up to date way of organising holidays, as well as any other time off and sickness too.

Your office is going to run like clockwork.

Jackie Woodgate, The JCB Group

With 10 Branches and over 200 staff moving over to Fabmin has been a breeze.

Jackie Woodgate The JCB Group

How much does Fabmin cost?

Start saving time now -- Try Fabmin for free!  

30 day free trial -- no credit card needed

Our Guarantee

Your company will benefit from using Fabmin — you can get started today with a FREE 30 day trial.

And if at any time in the future you decide it hasn’t worked for your business you can stop immediately and if you give me a call I will refund your last 6 months invoices.

No questions asked.

Why trust us?

Fabmin is part of The Hobbs Parker Group started by my great great great grandfather in 1850. It was called W & B Hobbs back then.

Since then we have run a very successful diverse business based on doing things properly and looking after our customers.

Fabmin is no different. We have built it to do a job well.

Roger Lightfoot, Co-founder
Call me direct on +44 (0)1233 506292

“I wonder if we might be the oldest cloud business in the world?!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any software to install?

No, Fabmin is a modern cloud based web application. It can be accessed from anywhere using a modern internet browser.

How many members of staff can Fabmin manage?

Our smallest customer has 4 users and our largest has 243. Fabmin’s servers will comfortably cope with organizations with 1,000’s of users.

What are the support options?

Support is free and provided by email and telephone during normal UK office hours (you will often find that we get back to you out of hours to if you need our help).

Our online knowledge base provide answers to many common queries.

Does Fabmin integrate with other calendars?

Yes, Fabmin uses a standard iCal file which allows you to link your Fabmin time off planner to Outlook, Google Calendar, Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPads and iPhones).

How can I cancel my Fabmin account?

You will find a simple ‘Cancel my account’ button in the Admin menu. This will immediately stop any future invoices being charged to you payment card.

If you cancel your account you will not be able to add or change any data but you will still be able view all your data and download a copy to your own computer.

How can I cancel my Fabmin account?

You will find a simple ‘Cancel my account’ button in the Admin menu. This will immediately stop any future invoices being charged to you payment card.

If you cancel your account you will not be able to add or change any data but you will still be able view all your data and download a copy to your own computer.

What if I am unhappy with Fabmin or your service?

Please tell us. If you are really unhappy and wish to cancel our service we will refund you your last six months charges.

Nobody has asked us to do this yet.

Where is my data stored?

Famin is hosted on Amazons AWS servers. These are used by many of the world’s leading online businesses including Netflix, Expedia and Apple.

How is my data protected?

Fabmin uses military grade SSL certificates like Banks and other large institutions. This is confirmed by the green lock icon in your browser address bar.

The Fabmin servers are hosted on redundant systems and further protected by automatic hourly backups.

An export function allows you to download your data whenever you wish.

More questions? May we help?

Ben Forrest

Roger Lightfoot

 We’re always on hand by phone and email to help you get started and make the most of Fabmin.

+44 (0)1233 506292 or

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