For busy office managers

Simple, flexible and fast

Staff holidays and sickness, shared resources and contact directory

Time off – holidays, sickness and other absences

Time off planner

Everybody can see who is off when

Time off can be approved with a single click

Time off request

So simple that training is rarely needed

Tells you which colleagues are already off at the same time

Book and manage shared facilities

Bookings planner

For shared resources like

  • Meeting rooms
  • Pool cars
  • IT Equipment

Book a facility

Takes less than a minute

Flexible repeat bookings

Efficient administration

Team view

See everybody or select a group

Flexible labels to group people by team, location, project Etc.

Each person can be a member of one or more teams

Holiday entitlements and approvers

Review everybody’s leave entitlement and time off approvers

Only authorised staff can see personal information

Shared contact directory

Directory view

Store contact information for your people, facilities and other useful business contacts

  • Home telephone numbers
  • Mobiles
  • Websites
  • Email addresses

Especially useful when you are out of the office

Designed for mobiles too

Brilliant when you need somebody’s number in an emergency

So nice not to have all the paperwork flying about!

Debbie Brown Ivy Court Surgery

Now you can spend less of your valuable time managing time off

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